My Story

Hi, I'm Brendan and I'm a Perth-based cook. I’ve loved everything about food for as long as I can remember, from watching my Dad pick fresh mangoes from the tree out the front of our house to sitting around the dining table with my Grandmere learning how to prepare wontons. You could say my passion for cooking developed naturally as I grew up in a large Mauritian family surrounded by many inspirational cooks.

I applied for MasterChef Australia 2018 and before I knew it, I was set off on an adventure that would ultimately change my life. I left my job as a social worker in Broome, sold most of my belongings, moved back home to Perth and in the blink of an eye went from making it through judge’s auditions to the top 10.

I would describe my style of cooking as honest, in that I cook food I love to eat whilst using fresh local produce where possible. This space is for me to share my recipes and projects with you all. If you would like to have a chat about catering, events or collaborations, please send an email to

Happy cooking,